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Photo365 - 355 - Scooby, where are yooooou?

Having been inspired by the pepper splash series that Dave Ovendon posted on ePHOTOzine a few years ago, Ive been meaning to have a go myself.
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Photo365 - 354 - Stand still

I went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a few hours today. Took a bag full of Pentax kit and the iPhone. I love using the iPhone. If only you could control focus and exposure - it would be even better. I came back with just short of 400 shots.
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Photo365 - 353 - Tired old bear

I sometimes get inspiration from photos in galleries or stores. While in B&Q last week I saw a framed photo of a bear in a bed. So I thought I'd get my old old friend out and photograph him. This is the bear I had as a kid.
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Photo365 - 352 - Power

Today seemed to be a day of power. It started when I decided to go on a bike ride. I haven't been on the bike for a few weeks and some areas where quite a struggle on my route. Mostly flat, but the hills hurt and power was certainly needed in the legs.
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Photo365 - 351 - How much?

Sometimes there's a limit to what you need to do to promote something. In this case the price of the car wash service is stated five times. I was tempted to go up and ask how much the car wash service was
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Photo365 - 350 - pomegranate

The pomegranate brings back childhood memories of the unusual fruit I'd have between bonfire night and Christmas. We used to have a fruit and veg van come round our estate and I'd always go with mum to help carry back the goods.
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Photo365 - 349 - Work's Christmas do

Or my pair of bowling shoes taken today on the ePHOTOzine Christmas staff outing. We played four gamed of bowls followed by lunch at TGI Friday's (I had surf and turf) and then a few of us went on for drinks in Worksop.
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Photo365 - 348 - Worksop Cinema Phase 8

It's been three weeks since my last cinema record shot, and you can see it's now starting to take shape, with glass mirrored windows up the front and side. This promises to be an interesting building for reflections when it's complete.
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Photo365 - 347 - hedgehog

Two hedgehogs drowned in my small "wildlife friendly" pond last year. I hope this one survives. He's close to a fairly busy road and a field, so turn the wrong way and he may be a pancake, go the other and he has a vast area to enjoy.
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Photo365 - 346 - Studio 109

I walk past this hairdresser most days. It's usually very dull in the evening and in the day has someone having a silver blue rinse or perm. But over the last few weeks a couple of small illuminated trees in each window and a curtain trail of lights have
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