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Photo365 - 345 - Light Shades

While in B&Q looking for a security light I decided to photograph a few of their light shades. iPhone and Hipstamatic. This was my favourite of the series.
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Photo365 - 344 - Empowerment

Empowerment is the title of this sculpture over the Brayford near the Waterside Shopping centre in Lincoln. There's a standard view of this so I tried to get it from a different angle...below. I don't think this angle actually works as well
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Photo365 - 343 - Eat Soup

Today was very different to yesterday, but similar. Yesterday I was in Covent Garden Today I wasn't, but had totally coincidental a carton of Covent Garden Soup Yesterday I was outside in the cold Today I was inside and warm
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Photo365 - 342 - Apple Market

I'm just back from London following a night out with Samsung for their Christmas party. Before we went to their venue Tracey and I called at Covent Garden. They have a huge Christmas tree but I've already photographed two in this Photo365 series
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Photo365 - 341 - The Arsenal Trees

I'm just back from a six hour round trip to pick up an eBay win that I bid on and didn't expect to win. On the way back I called for a pee break at the Hatfield Galleria in Herts and spotted a new shop. The Arsenal Store...It opened on 19 Nov 2011
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Photo365 - 340 - Christmas Lights

The Worksop town centre street illuminations went up last week. This is a sample on the pedestrian area of Bridge Street. The iPhone isn't great for this type of photography, but I probably wouldn't have taken a photo of the lights otherwise.
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Photo365 - 339 - The Savoy

While at Donna Nook I spotted this interesting textured cabbage...the Savoy (Capitata var. sabauda L.). In the supermarket they're normally less interesting, but a farmer sells fresh produce at the car park field of Donna Nook.
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Photo365 - 338 - Snoozing Seal

I went over to Donna Nook was cold! I had about six layers on and still had a chill. The seals were plentiful, despite last week's unexpected high tide which split many pups up from their mums. This one seemed happy enough snoozing
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Photo365 - 337 - Passage of light

Another passage of light from the sun. This time through one window onto a kitchen cupboard. The light is so contrasty at this time of the year.
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Photo365 - 336 - Paper cuts

A sheet of A 4 paper cut into five strips and placed on top of another and lit from above left. It's a bit of an optical illusion. No paper was folded. Each of the five strips were taped at one end and placed on their edge so they were about 1.5in high.
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