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Photo365 - 305 - no photos!

Tonight I'm introducing my new model (well I've had her a while but she's new to viewers of this blog) I am using her to test flash set ups before using them in real life situations and for consistency when comparing kit.
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Photo365 - 304 - stool plan

My trip to Ikea on Sunday resulted in the purchase of one of their heavy duty stools which I assembled and decided to photograph a stage of the process using the iPHone and b&w Hipstamatic for my photo365 project.
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Photo365 - 303 - Alexplosion

I was in Ikea's cafe eating meatballs...yum...and spotted a curtain backdrop and instantly saw my picture of the day. Thanks to Alex for standing up in a crowded cafe and humouring me, much to her embarrassment. All in the name of art darlings! ;-)
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Photo365 - 302 - dreamscape

I was taking photos of berries earlier this morning backlit against the morning sun using an old Pentax M series 80-200mm zoom on the K20D, and noticed the background tree shape, and decided to switch attention to the tree.
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Photo365 - 301 - on the edge

Stanage Edge this evening. I went to shoot the sunset and then star trails, the sunset was a bit lack lustre but the stars were out. I spent about an hour in the dark on the edge - it was, as seems usual up there, very windy.
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Photo365 - 300 - needle and thread

Trying out a new combination of an old Vivitar 3x converter I just acquired and Pentax 100mm macro to create a 300mm f/8 macro lens. It lets you get really close (from a distance) Here's one of the shots of a needle and cotton thread
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Photo365 - 299 - Post box

An interesting evening started out at this post box on the road over to Thorpe Salvin. I'd been considering shooting this for a few weeks, and tonight the sky was right.
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Photo365 - 298 - Autumn sunlight

Its low in the sky and despite the time of year still quite warm - I'm talking about the sun. And this shot is direct into the sun with a leaf in the foreground photographed using the infrared converted Pentax *ist D and 16-45mm zoom.
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Photo365 - 297 - Neglected tomatoes

I grew a tomato plant this year but then neglected it so never picked the baby toms. They're still hanging on in there several months later! I took this photo of a clump using an infrared converted Pentax *ist D and 50mm f/1.4
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Photo365 - 296 - Nike and Hephaestus

A 5m high sculpture in front of Doncaster's Keepmoat Stadium. I drove past and spotted a car boot sale outside the stadium, so went to see what was on offer. recorded the background clouds.
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