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Photo365 - 315 - Simple Pasta

A simple arrangement of uncooked spaghetti and farfalle (butterfly) pasta. Lit from the side to give depth with an Elinchrom light fitted with a softbox Taken with an Olympus EP2 and 14-42mm lens
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Photo365 - 314 - Rivelin Valley

Will Cheung had today off and asked if I wanted to go taking photos. So I booked the day off too and suggested we went over to Riverlin Valley as I knew the leaves would be fresh on the ground and the river has some interesting areas.
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Photo365 - 313 - Yes

Will Cheung emailed this morning to say he'd been to see Yes last night, and that they were playing Sheffield. I looked them up and realised the gig was tonight. So I quickly ordered a ticket, centre position in the Circle at the Sheffield City Hall
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Photo365 - 312 - I want to be an astronaut...

...or a stupid idea to see what happens inside a washing machine with a fisheye lens. Good fun trying A to get in, B to operate the camera phone, C to get the light in the right place and D to find the right angle. I quite like this one.
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Photo365 - 311 - the delay

I was subjected to a one hour delay on my visit to the hospital this evening for a routine check up. I'd hoped to record the delay message on the board in the background as well as the figure
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Photo365 - 310 - Almost a candid

I went to the Whitby Goth Festival today. I decided to travel light with the Olympus Pen E-P2 and used its 40-150mm zoom. The intention was to take candids, but as usual as soon as you point the camera at anyone and they spot you they switch into pose mod
06/11/2011 - 22:53 | Read More

Photo365 - 309 - worst gig ever?

Went to Lincoln Tokyo last night for what I thought was going to be a Katy B gig with her on stage at 10:30. It was a club night...banging DJ so the sound was great but I was amongst hundreds of young revellers and felt slightly out of place.
05/11/2011 - 11:08 | Read More

Photo365 - 308 - I found gold

Inspired by a fellow ePHOTOzine blogger, Stewart (bfgstew) I decide to get my British made BPM bellows out and connect them to my Olympus Pen EP2 via a T2 /micro 4 thirds adaptor , and mounted a Pentax 50mm f/1.4 on the front.
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Photo365 - 307 - honesty pod

This honesty seed pod is looking a little worse for wear and I'm surprised it's not split and scattered its seeds yet. Photographed in summer they are a lush green - backlighting still works now and creates an interesting glowing effect.
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Photo365 - 306 - renovation

I bought an old cupboard to paint black & white and use as a camera equipment storage unit, as I have stuff all over the place. I'm currently preparing the surface for the paint job. Taken with Hipstamatic on the iphone
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