Photo365 - 84 - Stubborn Cat

25/03/2011 - 18:46
My cat never likes having hi photo taken. He always seems to turn away when the lens is pointed at him. There's no way I could get him to sit and pose.

Yesterday I'd planned to take a portrait. I followed him around the garden.

He sat down I pointed the camera...he got up and walked to another spot.He laid down, I pointed the camera - he turned his head. I moved position he turned back. He is Simon's cat!

Anyway today I was out taking some shots with and of a tripod I was testing and I saw him watching. So I pointed the camera around and took a crafty grab shot.

He didn't have time to work out I'd turned my attention on him. Gotcha!

As it's a rarity I've made it my photo of the day for my photo365 project.

His name's diesel.