Photo365 - 63 - stop...carry on

05/03/2011 - 11:55
I didn't post yesterday... it's the first day I've missed..I didn't actually realise until I stirred in the night about 4am.

I'd had a busy day, followed by an evening with David doing Sound of Flak music, then I caught up on two days of TV I'd missed and went to bed.

I totally forgot about taking a photo.

Dilemma...I've blown my one a day I carry on or stop as failed?

I did take one photo on the iPhone just testing the upload feature in Wordpress app, but I deleted it.

So now if I carry on it's not really a Photo365 but a Photo 364 :-(

Having an undeceive moment I decided to toss a coin...heads I carry on ..tails I stop.


So yesterdays picture is the spinning coin I just took. 1 sec exposure third attempt. I was lucky to get the head in the right place, but I would have preferred it the right way up!