Photo365 - 61 - Bloom

02/03/2011 - 21:58
I finally got round to getting an iphone.

I've been wanting one for a long while...and apart from the usual stuff a phone's good for, my first step was to download the Bloom app.

I heard about it ages ago and watched a few youtube videos.

I love the tranquil sounds.

The app created by ambient master Brian Eno is a sound app. You touch areas of the screen and it plays a sound. Touch other areas and the note changes. Each note is recorded and plays back in an infinite loop. You can build up a beautiful soundscapes...ideal for relaxation.

And the iphone? Well, like with most modern phones, I can access my work email wherever I am...just must remember to turn it off when I'm in Bloom mode! So today's photo365 is my finger activating a note.