Photo365 - 6

06/01/2011 - 22:37
asparagusToday I have photographed asparagus. I've never been keen on it as a food, but I was in the supermarket last night looking at clinically perfect peppers and saw bunches of asparagus and thought - kill two new year resolutions with one stone - more photography and more cooking.

The peppers didn't have the shape to fulfil my desire to replicate the Edward Weston Classic and I'd seen asparagus photographed before in bunches. As I want to eat healthier this year and these shoots have essential nutrients it all made sense. The trouble is today I had one hour after work to shoot the pic before cooking tea. So a tight squeeze but I got my shot.

I pulled out some string from the garden and tied the actually took about 10 mins to get them in a good arrangement. It's surprising how hard it is to get 6 to 8 stalks looking "arranged" I placed them upright in some soil, stuck some Hessian as a backdrop and lit them with the studio flash from behind left. A small reflector added fill in front right.

It was taken with the Pentax K20D and a 100mm Macro. Converted to black and white using Adobe Lightroom.

And then I went on to cook Thai Stir Fry Asparagus. All in all a pleasing evening.