Photo365 - 39 - shadowplay

08/02/2011 - 19:27
A glorious day today, low winter sun streaming through the windows and through some internal patterned door glass.

This lead to shadows and light shaped on the wall.

I took a few photos and then started playing around with the shapes, by adjusting the angle of the door so the light rays lengthened.

I also noticed that a shadow of the camera was appearing just below the pattern, so I moved it to a lower position and held my hand spanned out in front to make a more interesting shadow. Light was also catching the lens of my reading glasses and threw even more light and shade to the wall. 

This is the result of a carefully positioned head, door and hand.

My Photo365 project is making me go off in experimental directions that I left behind many years ago and I'm thoroughly enjoying the revitalised abstract creativity. I hope you do too.