Photo365 - 26 - An aspirin a day

26/01/2011 - 19:39
I'm never been one for routines, but I'm now forced into one... daily medication. In one way it's frustrating, in another it's critical..well that's what I and many other who've had a heart attack are lead to believe.

And not only for the heart...according to recent research an aspirin a day, when taken with milk, "[link=]helps cut cancer risk[/link]". Well that's one bit of research, in another, done a couple of years earlier, [link=]"the risk of harm largely cancelled out the benefits of taking the drug"[/link].

One minute red wine's bad for you, the next it's good, same with coffee, cannabis, salt, etc.

So while I ponder those thoughts and wait for my aspirin to dissolve I took the daily photo from my Photo365 project.  I set the tripod up over the top of me and pointed the lens down into my lap. I had no idea how the shot would be framed, or if the focus would get the right spot. With the first shot I missed the glass, and this is the second. It's as taken - no cropping. An accidental composition!