Photo365 - 209 - reading the poppy seeds

28/07/2011 - 21:10

A bearded bloke is going to cross my path...

I started taking photos with the poppy head attached to the stalk with the sky behind... using flash and underexposing the cloudy sky, then I moved over to the glass patio table.

The bare shots look pretty average so I printed out one of my colourful poppy shots and propped that up behind the head so the reflection appeared behind the head. That looked ok, but not what I wanted to share here.

So then I tipped out some seeds and photographed the head with seeds. And then I moved a few around and started to create the face...and ended up with this shot with the sky reflected in the table as the backdrop.

I do enjoy messing around with ideas.

It was taken with the Pentax K5 and 16-45mm lens.